Ms. Rodriguez

Auxiliary Programs Coordinator

Prior to taking on her role as Auxiliary Program Coordinator, Ms. Rodriguez received both a bachelor’s degree in philosophy followed by a master’s degree in sports management from Brooklyn College. She has come to BASIS Independent Brooklyn with a wealth of experience in business, operations, athletics, and recreation. She played collegiate softball & soccer, as well as professional softball.

In her previous role working with children, Ms. Rodriguez was a Division Lead for the New York Yankees Summer Baseball Camp. She also comes to BASIS Independent Brooklyn with a high business savvy having been the Business Relations Manager at the G-Keepers Soccer Academy. She has managed and coached a large number of teams in softball, baseball, basketball, and soccer.

As an Auxiliary Programs Coordinator, Ms. Rodriguez looks forward to helping students explore new horizons during and after school through extra-curricular classes and athletics.

In her spare time, Samantha is an avid reader and history buff.