Ms. Lindsey

Subject Expert Teacher

Ms. Lindsey joins BASIS Independent Brooklyn as a Subject Expert Teacher in math. She earned her bachelor's degree at Master’s College and master’s degree at Biola University. After several years pursuing a career in the non-profit world, she discovered her love for teaching during her graduate studies. Ms. Lindsey has spent the last three years working for The Princeton Review, focused on classroom instruction and individual tutoring. While at The Princeton Review, she helped students understand and apply complex mathematical concepts and strategies to standardized tests. Ms. Lindsey loves supporting her students as they build their test scores and confidence.

During her formative years, Ms. Lindsey always found math easy but not particularly interesting. Years later, in a logic class, she found a new appreciation for math when she realized that she could think of it as a language. Now she loves sharing that appreciation with her students!

“I notice in math lessons when students are listening and nodding their heads and trying to please the teacher, but not yet really confident that they understand. What's critical is pushing through that time when students believe they are disappointing you by not understanding. They sometimes hesitate to ask for another explanation, but I like getting to think of new ways to explain a concept in response to student questions. As a teacher, you try to push through to that moment when there's a clear spark of understanding in a student’s eyes - that 'Now I really get it!' moment. That's the most rewarding moment for me.”

Ms. Lindsey was drawn to BASIS Independent Brooklyn for its impressive commitment to academics, and she is excited to join the broader faculty at the school.

Outside of the classroom, Ms. Lindsey enjoys rock climbing in local gyms and the Shawangunk Mountains.