Mr. Posner

Subject Expert Teacher

Mr. Posner is currently the 6th grade English teacher at BASIS Independent Brooklyn. His goal at BASIS Independent is to spur independently-minded thinkers to cherish reading and a well-crafted sentence. Prior to joining BASIS Independent Brooklyn, Mr. Posner taught 9th and 10th grade English and ESL at a public high school in New York City. In 2011, Mr. Posner moved to Paris to teach English at the high school level for a year.

Mr. Posner received a Bachelor of Arts in literature from The New School University and continued on to earn his master’s degree from Hunter College.

Mr. Posner chose BASIS Independent for its combination of forward-thinking faculty, autonomy in the classroom, and exceptional students. Mr. Posner admires the dedication the faculty has towards their students, and is eager to be a part of a school dedicated to high academic pursuits where his teaching will constantly be challenged and rewarded.

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Posner loves to read, play music (guitar and bass, but thankfully no vocals) write, and be outdoors far from city lights. Mr. Posner was born in Rio de Janeiro and speaks fluent Portuguese, French, and Spanish, and cherishes the experiences his time abroad has given him.