Mr. Hirsch

Subject Expert Teacher

Mr. Hirsch currently teaches for AP US Government and World History for our Upper School. He is a subject advisor for AP US Government across the BASIS Network, and he is an AP grader for the College Board. 

Mr. Hirsch received his Bachelor of Arts from University of Pennsylvania and his law degree from Boston College Law School.

Mr. Hirsch's goal as a BASIS Independent educator is to share his passion for learning, especially for government and the law, with his students. He hopes they learn how to analyze the world through various perspectives. When asked about his proudest accomplishment/accolades, Mr. Hirsch cited that in 2004 one of his BASIS Chandler students received a perfect score on the Advanced Placement Exam in United States Government and Politics. She was one of eight students in the whole world to receive that honor!

Mr. Hirsch has been with BASIS Curriculum Schools for six years: three with BASIS Chandler and three with BASIS Scottsdale. Mr. Hirsch really enjoyed working with the dedicated and passionate learners at the two Arizona charter schools, and while Arizona was a great adventure, he was ready to return to his East Coast roots. Thus, he was very excited to learn about BASIS Independent Brooklyn, which would bring him closer to old friends and family.

When not reading the news, Mr. Hirsch loves to watch soccer, whether it is his son's game or Arsenal. Mr. Hirsch also loves to play soccer, basketball, and tennis. Although a little rusty, he was recently a 4.5 player out in Arizona. 

He loves to travel with his family too. During the summer of 2017, they spent two weeks touring South Dakota and Wyoming in a RV camper!