Mr. Goldman

Subject Expert Teacher

Mr. Goldman attended Boston University, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in American history and continuing his study of history and education at the graduate level at B.U., earning a Masters of Arts degree in teaching in social studies education. Since college, he has presented original research at the International Country Music Conference at Belmont University, and he has published articles on U.S. history.

"This year I'm thrilled to be teaching U.S. and A.P. World History. Through these subjects I strive to engage my students in relevant, rigorous, analytical work that can give them the skills and knowledge-base necessary to play an active role in shaping our society and political discourse," says Mr. Goldman.

Prior to becoming a teacher, he was a recording and touring artist for a half decade with the band Steel Train. He had the privilege of working and traveling with many talented friends and artists - once even filming a music video in Hawaii. Outside of the classroom Mr. Goldman can be found scouring the NYC metropolitan area for old vinyl records, strong coffee, and good live music.