Dr. Vincze

Subject Expert Teacher

Dr. Vincze graduated summa cum laude from Loyola University Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts in classics. He went on to a doctoral program in classical studies at Boston University, which he completed in 2012. His area of expertise is Latin literature with a focus on the Roman novel.

As a Subject Expert Teacher in Latin, Dr. Vincze will instruct students in the upper school. Dr. Vincze wants all of his students to see their study of Latin as the beginning of a life-long pursuit. There are so many wonderful and enlightening ancient texts to read and so little time during the upper school years, so he wants his students to have the skills necessary to continue nurturing their love of antiquity well beyond their years in the classroom.

Dr. Vincze was drawn to BASIS Independent Brooklyn when he saw that joy was explicitly listed as one of the defining characteristics of a BASIS Independent education. He also believes that true learning can only occur if students experience joy about the subject, the learning process, and the people they are learning with.

Dr. Vincze is an avid swimmer (he just joined a swim team but has yet to compete) and loves hiking (both in the city and in more rustic areas).