Ms. Ye

Subject Expert Teacher

Ms. Ye is a Mandarin Subject Expert Teacher. She attended Brooklyn College and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in early childhood education with a concentration in mathematics. She is currently enrolled in a master's program in early childhood education with an extension in bilingual education at the same college.

As a Mandarin Subject Expert Teacher, Ms. Ye’s goal is to motivate students to learn how to converse fluently in the language. “I strive to create a learning environment where my students feel excited and empowered when they are able to express their thoughts and talk about themselves in Mandarin,” says Ms. Ye.

Ms. Ye is thrilled to join in the BASIS Independent Brooklyn. She is passionate about teaching and enjoys working with students from multiple backgrounds, as well as discussing various topics.

In her free time, Ms. Ye spends time baking, since it is one of her passions. One of her favorite desserts to make is cheese cake. Also, Ms. Ye enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures with her family.