Ms. Thorne

Subject Expert Teacher

Ms. Thorne attended The City College of New York with a full scholarship from the Teacher Academy, a program that offered weekly first-hand experiences in New York City classrooms. She received two additional scholarships for academic achievement before graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and secondary education.

"I was given the opportunity to join the BASIS Independent Brooklyn team in 2014 where I developed a strong fondness of BASIS Independent students and their resilience. I am currently the 5th grade Science and 6th grade Biology teacher at BASIS Independent Brooklyn. I am particularly passionate about finding new ways to engage students, whether it be using basketball to learn the parts of the skeletal system, or playing 'Cell Jeopardy' to help them learn the functions of organelles," says Ms. Thorne.

"I possess a love of science that borders on obsession, and my goal as a teacher is to pass on even a fraction of that interest to my students," she says. In her spare time she enjoys reading, playing video games, watching Japanese animation (or anime for short), and practicing new languages.