Mr. Piel

Subject Expert Teacher

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In 2012, Mr. Piel received his bachelor's degree from New York University, with a major in film & TV and a minor in English literature. His love of storytelling led him to Los Angeles, where he spent a year screenwriting. He enjoyed his time there, but his passion for literature (and the outdoors) led him to Colorado, where, after teaching outdoor education at 8,500 ft. for a year, he received his master’s degree in English literature from the University of Colorado Boulder. While in his masters program, he specialized in early American literature. After returning to New York City, and feeling eager to connect with students and coworkers in more meaningful ways, Michael found BASIS Independent Brooklyn, a community that instills curiosity, intentionality, and astonishing growth.


Currently, Mr. Piel is a Subject Expert Teacher for English in the primary grades.


“I could not be more excited to be at BASIS Independent,” said Mr. Piel. “I have the amazing privilege to observe and learn from my coworkers, and to help the students strive and grow in their love of literature. There is nothing more important to me than reading and writing, and I cannot wait to become a supportive and integral part of each student’s learning.”


In his free time, Mr. Piel loves to write science-fiction, read, watch movies, and rock climb. He recently got a bike from a friend, and is excited to become an obsessive member of that community, too.