The Primary Program at BASIS Independent Brooklyn offers an unmatched learning experience for students as they begin to fully embrace a variety of subjects and their inter-connectivity. This program is uniquely defined by the emphasis on connections between subjects as well as the teaching partnership present in grades 1–4*. Students have different Subject Expert Teachers (SETs) for every core class paired with a Learning Expert Teacher (LET) shepherding the learning environment as they move from each SET‘s classroom to another with their LET. Grade 5 students navigate the building and their classes on their own, learning from discipline-specific SETs for each class, using the independence and self-reliance fostered in grades 1–4.

In grades 1-3, students take a full schedule in the liberal arts, including advanced, integrated coursework in the humanities, math & science, engineering, Mandarin, the arts, and physical education. In grade 4, the schedule shifts to 50-minute, discipline-specific periods to introduce students to the type of coursework and critical thinking expected in grades 5 and beyond.

With coursework in classics, physical geography, math, English, performing arts, and more, grade 5 bridges the concrete thinking and material in the younger grades with the abstract thinking that will be expected of students in grades 6–8. For example, students’ course in Intro to Science develops their fluency in the scientific method and units of scientific measure, preparing them to excel in disciplinary sciences: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics starting in grade 6.

* The LET in grade 4 is not present with students in every class and is particularly focused on building independence and self-reliance in students as they prepare for grades 5 and up.