The earliest years of a child’s education are marked by meaningful discoveries and “lightbulb” moments: students are solidifying their sense of self and their relationship to the world. Our Early Learning Program (PreK-1, PreK-2, and kindergarten) is designed to maximize these moments, creating a balance between a child’s natural tendenciesto question, explore, and createand intentional academic learning. A key goal is to inspire students to delight in learning. Fostering this as early as possible leads to future academic and lifelong success.

Our Early Learning Program is, indeed, rooted in academic learning. Particularly in kindergarten, students are exposed to more formal instruction and academic expectations, laying a foundation for the curriculum in years to come. Classrooms are expertly led by nurturing, passionate teachers who understand the cognitive and emotional growth occurring in this age group and expertly facilitate the building of a classroom community. Classes are self-contained with specialists pushing in throughout the day to teach various elements of our program. Our teachers set our youngest learners on a path toward academic success, social-emotional well-being, self-confidence, and sow the seeds of both independent and collaborative learning.