Early Learning Program

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Early Learning Program

Education Redefined is at the core of our preschool through twelfth grade program. The BASIS Independent Early Learning Program redefines the early learning experience.

BASIS Independent Brooklyn believes creating a love for learning as early as possible for a child leads to future academic and lifelong success. The BASIS Independent Early Learning Program is comprised of three-year-olds (Pre-K 1) and four-year-olds (Pre-K 2). Our prekindergarten is a developmentally appropriate and best practices program—and we believe that early learning should be expertly led by thoughtful, nurturing, creative, and passionate teachers. Our educators create a learning environment where learning is a joyful and rewarding experience that maintains the integrity of each child’s imagination and natural curiosity. The environment fosters an exposure to a thematic, hands-on, comprehensive, and content-rich curriculum. We call this vibrant curriculum our Discovery Blocks of Learning. It creates a blueprint for children to not only transition with ease to kindergarten, but also to become enthusiastic lifelong learners. The Early Learning Program also prepares students for the scenario-based, Connections learning that occurs in the primary grades. Ultimately, the goal of the program is to foster a sense of wonder while engaging in the world that surrounds us, equipping students with a foundation for future success.

Our Schoolhouse

In our Early Learning Program, children have access to an outside play area, indoor play area, and several unique spaces for specialist-led classes.

For more information about the BASIS Independent Early Learning Program, please email brooklyn-admissions@basisindependent.com or call (718) 643-6302.