• Project Title: How has the Rise of Ecommerce Business Changed Commercial Real Estate Law Practices in Large US Cities?

  • BASIS Advisor: Ms. Soszynski

  • Internship Location: Digital (New York, NY)

  • Onsite Mentor: Sean Powell

With the world constantly changing due to technology there are many things to reflect on when working towards the future. Our justice system helps regulate every little bit and piece of our society. In addition to this, businesses help promote development through economic growth. I want to examine the changes in these concepts over time. The main goal of my project is to document the change of commercial real estate law practices within the country due to the growth of Ecommerce businesses. I will be interviewing real estate lawyers and determining how their practices were impacted by the rise of Ecommerce. The real estate market is very important as it impacts both the legal and business side of a consumer and producer interaction. I am excited to explore the change and see what additional, potential changes exist for this market in the future.