• Project Title: Why Wine Matters: How Biodynamic Wine is Revolutionizing the Agricultural Industry

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. Mandeville

What is fine dining without a good glass of wine? Wine is a universal delicacy; it is and has been enjoyed with dinners for hundreds of years. However, wine has taken a rather artificial approach to its success. Artificial fertilizers, harmful preservatives, and additive fermentation are just some of the many ways that wine has been unnaturally changed from its classic origins to the sellers’ stores and tables of today. Luckily a new movement has come about to combat this process: biodynamic winemaking. Biodynamic winemaking removes all the chemicals from the winemaking process, creating a new healthier and raw product. I will explore whether biodynamic wine is healthier and if it can turn a profit in an already established market. Furthermore, how does the production of biodynamic wines fare against that of the traditional form of winemaking? By working with several vineyards in France, California, and Long Island, I will make observations will be made on how the biodynamic winemaking process differs from a traditional winemaking process.