• Project Title: Music, Math, & Memes: A Deconstruction of Frequency

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. D'Amato

Frequency is integral to how we interact with music, whether revisiting a classic record, grooving to a breakbeat, or humming melodies. During this research project, I will investigate the impact of audio frequency on the human psyche. The scope of the project encompasses all different ranges of perceivable frequency, from songs replayed across decades, to harmonic tones resonating at thousands of times a second. I will intern with a company that specializes in Audio Post-Production. Drawing from my academic background in math and science, I will deconstruct how repetition and patterns of sound translate phonetically into a musical experience. This research could be useful to audio producers who want to convey stronger messages or experiences with sound, or anyone who is curious about how music works at its scientific core.