• Project Title: Using Music as Intervention to Help Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - An Evidence-based Approach

  • BASIS Advisor: Dr. Lisa Noudehou

  • Internship Location: Red Hook Art Project

  • Onsite Mentor: Dr. Fort

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the cognitive and social benefits music therapy has on children with ASD. This study will survey families and music therapists to further the information that is accessible to families, and test new resources such as digital music software to enhance music therapy education for children with ASD.
Having music become a huge part of my life I wanted to explore further into its effects on people and why it is such a therapeutic process for many of us. We all listen to music when we go on runs, when we study for the next big test, or when the room is in need of extra excitement. So if music is there for us, why can’t it be there for the 1 out of 68 kids who have ASD?
I’ve already set up a nonprofit initiative to compliment my senior project which has three steps. First, I will be working with a music therapist to survey families and other music therapists to evaluate the effectiveness of music therapy among the ASD community for children. This information will be valuable for families that just had their child diagnosed with ASD. Therefore, the second part of my senior project will be to make the current existing knowledge we have on the success of music therapy more accessible for kids with ASD and their families. Third, I will be providing free lessons to children on how to use these digital music softwares through my nonprofit initiative, m.u.s.i.C My Way, which directly focuses on this relationship between music, technology and ASD.