• Project Title: Combating Autism in Red Hook with Early Intervention Programs

  • BASIS Advisor: Jo Goldfarb

  • Internship Location: Office of Assistant Speaker of the New York State Assembly Felix Ortiz

  • Onsite Mentor: Karen Broughton, Chief-of-Staff

Imagine not being able to interact and communicate with people or complete tasks that children your age are able to complete. With autism on the rise, many under-served neighborhoods unlike wealthier ones such as Park Slope continue to lack the necessary information needed to seek and get treatment. Red Hook is just one of the many under-served communities lacking in needed resources. The critical window to receive therapy for autism treatment is between the ages of 2 to 5. Lacking the awareness to get those treatments harms a child’s chances at significantly improving. This project will work to bring awareness to the available resources and help to make certain therapies more available. This will hopefully give many children access to treatments and therapies that they deserve.