• Project Title: Sociological Differences in HIV Susceptibility Among Minority Youth

  • BASIS Advisor: Ms. Wallace

  • Internship Location: New York University

Despite the recent scientific advancements made towards HIV prevention and treatment, concerning statistics still exist within certain populations. Twenty-one percent of all new HIV diagnoses were made up of youth (13 –24 years) in the US, and 81% of those diagnoses occurred in Black and Latino/a populations. While many studies have made efforts to address the risk factors of HIV infection among this particular population, there has been a lack of sufficient research addressing the specific risks that individuals under 18 within this demographic face, thus presenting a research gap. This project aims to analyze the sociological susceptibilities young minorities have toward contracting HIV, evaluating their risks not only through race and age, but economic status, and educational status. Working with Project YESS (Youth Engaging in Healthy and Safe Sex), we will analyze participants’ responses from surveys, interviews, and focus groups are analyzed in order to identify key trends regarding their sexual history. Additionally, we will conduct an analysis of similar studies in order to fully understand the sociological risks and reproductive histories young minorities have. As Project YESS is one of the few studies that centers on health promotion and disease prevention in communities of color while also recruiting minors (16 –24 years), this project looks to bridge the current research gap by incorporating the narratives of minors and normalizing the importance of sexual health among minorities under 18. Lastly, this project intends to explore potential solutions to help work towards a culturally tailored, accessible, and effective HIV intervention program.