• Project Title: How has youth culture influenced the relationship between street fashion and high fashion?

  • BASIS Advisor: Ms. Wallace

  • Internship Location: The Wing Dumbo

  • Onsite Mentor: Christina Nihan

Teenagers in the 21st century —the generation Z — are obsessed with street fashion. Street brands started to get popular due to the huge amount of fanatical teenagers. With the mass consumption from teens, high fashion started making collaborations with street fashion to maximize their benefits, like the Rimowa v. Supreme collaboration. It created unexpected outstanding results from high fashion and street fashion collaboration. Youth power is very strong. It is important for society to get to know teenagers and what they are passionate about. In this project, I will be investigating the newly changed relationship between street fashion and high fashion from the perspective of youth and researching how youth changed that relationship in a quiet workplace in the Wing Dumbo. I will also be taking photos of people’s street style outfits in New York City, like SOHO and K-TOWN. My role is to look up the new trends in fashion, analyze the connection between fashion and youth, and read people’s view on high fashion and street fashion. At the end of the study, I hope to find the position of street fashion in the world of fashion, and how did youth contribute to the change of position of street fashion.