• Project Title: Bang for your Buck: The Safety and Power of Exotic and Luxury Automobiles

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. Winter

  • Internship Location: Corsa Motors LLC.

  • Onsite Mentor: Cosmo Lisica

For my Senior Project, I will explore: What makes luxury and exotic automobiles high performing without compromising safety? To answer this question, I’ll intern at a boutique auto shop, Corsa Motors LLC. Through this project I will not only further my appreciation for the engineering that goes into making exotic cars, but I will also learn why is it that these cars are above the rest in speed and safety. To conduct my project, I will work closely with the mechanic at Corsa Motors LLC and learn what it takes to repair and maintain these vehicles as well as see what is under the hood. At the conclusion of my Senior Project, I hope to explain the difference in safety features of different exotic cars and what allows these cars to be so fast.