• Project Title: The Future and Current Reality of Urban Planning

  • BASIS Advisor: Mark Sperazza

  • Internship Location: New York City Department of City Planning

  • Onsite Mentor: Daniel Garodnick

As concerned as we are about bleeding finite resources dry, our infrastructure is designed to fail eventually. The environment in which most of our modern cities rose was very different, created by a government with immediate goals to mobilize and prioritize growth. Since then, our objectives have shifted, our cities remaining in need of significant change. For this reason, I hope to determine how a more efficient and sustainable foundation for city planning should look, primarily through the lens of transportation and zoning. This will include analysis of former policy, such as past reports from policymakers and the original legislation here in New York that laid the groundwork for zoning around the world; this will also include our current objectives concerning the future, developed by our City Planning Commission. My aim is to review our 50-year plan for the future of the city and its projected outcome, as it will reflect the rationale behind the direction we’re going.