• Project Title: Pop Culture: Is the Media Influencing You?

  • BASIS Advisor: Ms. Pozzi

  • Internship Location: Reel Works

  • Onsite Mentor: Abby Verbosky

People watch television and films primarily for entertainment. However, representations on television can manipulate the audience and change how society thinks for better or worse. This project aims to evaluate crime television shows such as “Bones” and “CSI,” as well as documentaries such as “Thin Blue Line” and “Central Park Five,” which all depict forensic science in different ways. I hope to experience and understand the complexities of pop culture and analyze how it affects the public, specifically with perception of forensic sciences. This project will then research how forensics are depicted for the purpose of entertainment. By doing so, I can critique films and television shows that have stretched the truth. I will work with Reel Works to experience the techniques and approaches to creating visual media while interviewing other filmmakers as they create their own movies. Reel Works has all the possible equipment with a number of experts on hand to help me throughout my project. In addition, I will consult forensic experts to understand the exact science within the television shows and documentaries. I hope to discover the extent to which pop culture affects the public. This project aims to investigate how bending the truth for entertainment could miseducate the public on criminal investigations, adding to the conversation on media representation and the influence it has on audiences and their beliefs.