• Project Title: Exploring the Benefits of Gym Workouts for Teenagers: Enhancing Strength, Mood, Sociability, and Body Composition

  • BASIS Advisor: Ken Fleming

  • Internship Location: Red Hook Recreation Center

  • Onsite Mentor: Alvin Santana

Join me on a journey to unlock the secrets of teenage fitness. As I delve into the world of workout routines, I discover the science behind building a healthy body, mind, and community. While I have always been fascinated by how people can transform their physiques by going to the gym, I was equally intrigued by the mental and social benefits it brings, beyond just aesthetics. My curiosity led me to research what is necessary for teenagers like me to acquire a better mental state, discover new communities, and make positive changes to our bodies. Through my research, I found that having a workout routine and consistently going to the gym improves mood, helps to meet people with similar interests and goals, and improves physique. In my project, I will explore the mental, social, and physical benefits of working out over three months. The experiment will be conducted on myself and various other teenagers, each with different workout routines and proper nourishment based on their respective body types. By tracking the exact benefits of having a consistent workout routine, we will better understand how it affects the teenage mind, sociality, and body. It is essential to promote and understand the benefits of working out, especially among young adults who may be curious not only about how, but also what they can achieve through the gym.