• Project Title: A Broken Justice System: Do Juveniles Carry the Brunt of it All?

  • BASIS Advisor: Polly Kertis

  • Internship Location: Red Hook Community Justice Center (RHCJC)

  • Onsite Mentor: Sabrina Carter

This is still being updated. Current version: Across continents, not only do you see youth being admitted senselessly to the system for minor infractions, but in its wake, there are issues between youth and police officers that are often left unaddressed. The goal of my project is to understand the juvenile justice systems globally and also attempt to better relations between communities and their local law enforcements. To achieve this goal, I will intern at the Red Hook Community Justice Center in Brooklyn, NY. Both of these institutions have similar goals, which are to strengthen the community justice model and create a more humane system for people. To better the relationships of law enforcement with communities, I plan to hold a series of Bridging the Gap events in which communities are able to connect with law enforcement and ask them whatever they would like and allow both parties to understand the other’s side of the glass. Through this, I hope to allow communities to come together and form an alliance with police.