• Project Title: Promotional and Marketing Methods to Drive Online Sales

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. Duwan

  • Internship Location: Milena's Boutique

  • Onsite Mentor: Milena Shlonsky

How has the fashion business changed over time? How big is the difference between having a fashion business online versus in person? Recently, especially due to the pandemic, many businesses have been struggling, and even losing customers. Through this project, I will see firsthand how a fashion business is handling COVID-19 and the difficulties it is faced with, considering factors such as inventory, customers, economic status, and marketing and selling products. Through examining the obstacles Milena's Boutique, a small fashion boutique in Brooklyn, NY, has faced through the pandemic, I will identify the core factors that need to be created to keep a for-profit business open amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With no in-store shopping for months, Milena’s Boutique has not been able to move products. This project is my chance to help them get back to profitability. As part of this project, I plan to create a social media page where customers can begin to call and place orders for curbside pickup. Additionally, I will run and maintain the page consistently, create and design a company website, categorize all of the inventory, figure out shipping and delivery from point of sale, and much more! Working in this industry has always been my dream and gaining this opportunity, and the chance to build on my knowledge of entrepreneurialism is truly priceless.