• Project Title: Surviving the Holocaust: a Statistical Analysis of the European Countries with the Highest and Lowest Survival Rates

  • BASIS Advisor: Tim Hirsch

The Holocaust is one of the most researched historical events of all time. In it, though, there has been a great disparity between death tolls in different countries. Through this project, I aim to understand the causes of varying survival rates of Jews during the Holocaust in countries under German occupation. This project has been inspired by my family’s history and my personal connection to the Holocaust. Factors such as collaboration of local forces with Nazis, the time the country spent under occupation, and assimilation and segregated living will be examined to come to a conclusion as to why there was such a large variation in the death toll per country. My research is being done in a few ways. First, I am utilizing research databases such as Google Scholar, JSTOR, and ERIC to gain access to web articles and secondary sources. Second, I am using the New York Public Library to gain access to texts that I will use for further evidence. I will also use the bibliographies of these books to continue to examine these factors and my question. Through this project, I hope to come to a conclusion that expands upon my current knowledge and synthesizes all of the research that I have done. With fewer and fewer survivors still alive, I also intend to conduct interviews with Holocaust survivors, including my grandfather. Finally, I will access and listen to many testimonies of Holocaust survivors archived through institutions such as the Jewish Museum and the USC Shoah Foundation to come to a conclusion as to which factors were most prominent in determining which Jewish people survived and which did not in countries under German occupation in the Holocaust.