• Project Title: American Minorities and Women in American Films from the 1930's to the 1990's

  • BASIS Advisor: Edan Chen-Zion

  • Internship Location: Mako Productions Inc.

  • Onsite Mentor: Suzana Peric

As someone who aspires to be a creator of films in the future, I already had an overwhelming interest in them and the messages they hold. In this project I decided to study American films from a particular timeline and closely analyze the way women are portrayed and shown to the world and the rest of the American public. Growing up I’ve seen movies from many different eras and I have seen some differences in the way people are portrayed simply because of the year the film took place. But, this is important because it shows, obvious or not, social changes in the US ever since the 1930’s and how certain world and national events affected those social changes. I collected data by watching many films from a list I compiled myself based on recommendations, research, and prior knowledge. I took notes on these films and researched reviews of the film and looked for peoples reactions to the gender roles. In the end I compiled my notes into a timeline and saw how some national or world events may have affected some of the films I viewed.