• Project Title: Helping the Blind See through Sound and Touch

  • BASIS Advisor: Ms. Das

  • Internship Location: NYU Langone Health Dept. of Ophthalmology

  • Onsite Mentor: Kevin Chan

Our lives are built on our vision, as it is our most superior sense by far. Living in a sighted world, it is easy for people to forget the obstacles blind people face. The main question my project aims to answer is: what are the limits of technology to improve the quality of life for blind patients? Working with neuroscientists in the Neuroimaging and Visual Science Laboratory at NYU Langone Health, we will develop technology that implements the other senses of a blind patient to allow them to see the world. This project aims to not only compare and contrast existing technologies but improve upon them. I will work at the NYU Langone branch experimenting with sensory substitution technology and interviewing blind patients. Not only am I testing out the devices, I am also collaborating in engineering new sensory equipment using the feedback from the aforementioned interviews. There is currently very little technology available for the blind, making my work in this field quite necessary. The overarching goal of this project is to have furthered progress within the field of sensory substitution and to have broadened my view of the world by interacting with patients who are blind.