• Project Title: "Showtime": The Evolution of Carnival

  • BASIS Advisor: Darlene Forde

Carnival has yet to be defined in a way that does it justice. Everyone who participates returns speechless, trying to describe this feeling, a “vybe” that remains unmatched with an air of comradery that brings people back. Carnival’s popularity has spread to be celebrated in cities all around the globe, bringing together it's Caribbean and non-Caribbean populations. It’s music is at the center of the festival, setting the mood for galavanting and parading the streets. For ten weeks, I will be interviewing Mas Band Leaders, Tourism Officials, local hotels and restaurants to explore what it takes to create costumes and bands for the parade as well as the traffic businesses get during the festival season. This festival has withstood the test of time. By investigating its creation, meaning, cultural connection, financial successes, I hope to discover why Carnival has consistently been so successful and ensure its continuation in the future.