• Project Title: The Disruption and Evolution of Commercial Media Production

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. Opirhory

The production of the media that influences our decision-making so heavily is very often overlooked. Commercial advertising media dominates our rationale and influences almost every one of the moves we make. From shopping to what we watch in our free time, advertisement media swayed our choice. My senior project intends to explore how the production of advertising media has evolved over the last 10 years and to also study the effect it had on the people and workflows being used to make it. By conducting and compiling interviews with creative professionals as well as conducting outside research on market analytics, I will create a documentary outlining the changes I unravel through my research. My research can be used by both existing industry professionals and those looking to enter the commercial media industry to provide insight into the history and evolution of media. This can be used to paint a larger picture of how commercial media production has gotten to where it is today.