• Project Title: Is it Cost Efficient for American Companies to Mine Asteroids in the Asteroid Belt in the near Future?

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. Winter

  • Internship Location: Digital (New York, NY)

  • Onsite Mentor: Mr. Maloney and Art Doney

Have you ever thought about how many resources are in space? With a bunch of rocks in space, is earth the only one that has the rare metals. In recent times, people have been exploring the possibility of mining asteroids in space. The goal of mining asteroids is to get extra rare metals as well as to find water on asteroids. Rare earth metals are being used more in more in complex computers and water has both of the core components of liquid fuel, liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen. Having the ability to refuel in space would make it easier to go much further in space. Most of the cost of a flight is from escaping the atmosphere thus having fuel in space is much more valuable. I am working with Mr. Maloney, an ex NASA schedule engineer and Art Doney, an aerospace engineer from the Naval Academy. I will be talking with mining companies about their cost of mining metals on earth and looking at how much it costs to take fuel into space rather than creating it on an asteroid. I think we will be surprisingly close to mining asteroids and creating refuel stations in space.