• Project Title: Covid and the Elderly - The Impact

  • BASIS Advisor: Ms. Das

  • Internship Location: Visiting Neighbors

  • Onsite Mentor: Howie Square

Everyone has in one way or another been impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Over a year ago, the world came to a halt and people were told to stay home in order to avoid contracting the virus. However, some populations such as people 65 and older, were considered more vulnerable to serious symptoms. Nursing homes and senior living facilities began to shut down to outside visitors. Families could no longer visit their loved ones in person. Seniors who lived independently also had to change their way of living and hunker down for the unforeseeable future. This study will examine and compare the effects of isolation from the pandemic on the mental health of elderly individuals. Through a series of interviews, I will gather information to see the different responses based on where people live, and whom they live with. People rely on human interaction for positive mental health. These months without seeing family and friends has taken an emotional toll on people.