• Project Title: Musical Rags to Riches: How do Small Artists Make it Big?

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. Heilbronn

"The luxurious lifestyle of a music artist, with sold-out tours and adoring fans, is envied by many young artists hoping to reach similar status. From the outside looking in, getting rich from making music seems easy enough. But many people seem to forget the years of dedication that their favorite artist most likely had to endure to get to where they are. Focusing mainly on artists from R&B, pop, and rap genres, I will explore how
small artists can produce their music using independent labels, grow their audience through social media, and eventually have best-selling songs played through streaming platforms around the world. Using information collected from literature reviews and interviews with experienced individuals in the music business, I intend to use this knowledge to get a better understanding of how artists use the resources available to
them in this modern age. I hope that my final presentation will alter the way we listen to music, by conveying all of the hard work that goes into creating and sharing music."