• Project Title: A Comparative Study of Customer Habits and Marketability of the Senior Shoe Market in the U.S. and China

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. Duwan

  • Internship Location: GuiYang Orthopedic Hospital

  • Onsite Mentor: Mr. Zhong

Could you find a running sneaker that has been designed for seniors? I bet it would be really hard. Most running and walking sneakers on the market are currently designed for younger customers. There is a lack of focus on the group who are age 60 or above. Younger populations are still the biggest target in today’s market. However, with the global trend of an aging society, in which the senior population will expand in ten to twenty years, the senior market is about to become an enormous cake that will not be able to be ignored. It is important for us to explore the specific products, services, and potential opportunities that would be demanded by senior customers. My project specifically explores the senior running/walking shoe market. My goal is to examine the marketability and market demand related to senior running/walking shoes by using surveys and a field study in an orthopedic hospital in China. These findings will be helpful for evaluating the senior running/walking shoe market and could potentially set a foundation for future investigation into senior running shoes.