• Project Title: Myopia and its Correlation with Near-work Activities, outside Light Exposure, and Diet

  • BASIS Advisor: Mr. Hirsch

This project will determine the extent to which environmental factors, such as light exposure, near-work, and poor diet affect the prevalence of myopia in Jewish adolescents in the city of Brooklyn. Additionally, in the process of the research, genetic inheritance will also be considered as it is one of the two main components to developing myopia and can either posi<vely or negatively affect the data within the study. The research method utilized within this study will consist of a quantitative analysis of Jewish adolescents with myopia through surveying. The survey will consist of questions regarding the par<cipants commitment to the religion, average time spent outdoors, the average amount of time spent doing near-work ac<vi<es, and how healthy the participants have been throughout their lifetime.