A globally benchmarked academic program proven to be one of the best in the world. A purpose-built campus to maximize the student experience. Teachers who do everything in their power to inspire and support. Discover the benefits of a BASIS Independent Brooklyn education.
  • The nationally ranked and globally benchmarked BASIS Curriculum is a unique blend of liberal arts and sciences that results in extraordinary student outcomes.

    From the beginning, we emphasize foundational knowledge, critical inquiry, and opportunities for hands-on exploration. Our expectation of mastery is reflected in the breadth of courses offered, like Connections and engineering in grade 1, to Advanced Placement® courses and the Senior Project.

  • The 100,000-square-foot BASIS Independent Brooklyn campus was purpose-built to maximize learning.

    Our new, state-of-the-art facility was built ground-up for our program. From the full-size gym to the auditorium and specially outfitted science classrooms, our facility is the perfect home for top-notch educators and insatiable learners. New York City, with all of its cultural richness, is also an invaluable extension of our campus (not only can you see the Statue of Liberty from our high school lounge, but all of our students have memberships to the Brooklyn Public Library!).

  • We strive for the highest caliber of teaching and are dedicated to finding and training the best teachers.

    Our Subject Expert Teachers have often have both real life expertise and advanced degrees in their chosen field, from engineering to physical education, which brings content to life in tangible ways for students. Learning Expert Teachers are masters in the art and science of pedagogy and managing students’ different learning styles and social-emotional needs. Our Head of School herself has a master’s degree in English and Master of Science in Education and Social Policy; before coming to BASIS Independent Brooklyn she led BASIS Scottsdale, one of the top-ranked STEM-focused schools in the U.S.

  • BASIS Independent Brooklyn is a hub of innovation for the BASIS Curriculum.

    We’re home to nine network-wide Subject Advisors (SADs): educators who advise on best practices and teaching techniques for teachers in all BASIS Curriculum Schools located around the world.

  • Accessible student support, a hallmark of our learning community, is the key to student success.

    Teachers are required to have a set number of hours each week to support students outside of class. Our deans and directors create, calibrate, and maintain student support plans and social-emotional development. We even have peer tutoring programs, which often prove to be the most beneficial resource for students. We know the BASIS Curriculum is unique in its high-achievement; that’s why we brace it with unique, coordinated, systemic support.

  • We provide the right avenues to give students autonomy.

    BASIS Independent Brooklyn students learn to be self-advocates and proactively engage with their education. A Communications Journal (CJ) is given to every student and promotes ownership over coursework and class progress. We encourage entrepreneurialism with after school activities ensuring students have the avenues to create programs and make sure their voices are clearly heard in shaping our school culture.

  • Over the course of a school year, we offer more than 60 extracurricular activities, sports, and clubs—and continue to grow!

    It is our goal to inspire students to find their interests and give them opportunities to hone those passions as they grow confidence, become effective leaders, and learn new skills. We seek out interscholastic competition opportunities for our students and are proud to be home to some of the best teams and academic competition groups in the borough!

  • We do not require parent fundraising.

    Instead, we channel our efforts into supporting local organizations and charities in the area, allowing students and families to focus on causes in need of support and witness their impact directly within local communities. Our social events are for enjoyment only. If parents do want to give back, we ask them to focus on providing unique internships and shadow programs for our students to see the many opportunities open to them in the world.

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