Week 9: Wrapping Up – Reflections and Insights from My Rec Center Project

Jun 05, 2023

Hey everyone!

As my time at the Sol Goldman Recreation Center comes to a close, I have been diligently gathering all the necessary data to complete my project. This week, I took final measurements of myself and the three other participants in my experiment, but I’ll keep the results under wraps until my presentation. I also revisited the survey I conducted a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised to find additional responses. In terms of gym attendance frequency, the previous survey showed that 40% of respondents chose 3-4 times a week, another 40% selected more than 5 times a week, and the remainder opted for either 1-2 times a week or 5 times a week. In the updated results, 36.4% of individuals now reported going more than 5 times a week, 27.3% chose 3-4 times a week, 18.2% preferred 5 times a week, and another 18.2% settled for 1-2 times a week. When it came to workout routines, most teens followed a Push, Pull, Legs (PPL) regimen or a variation of it, which remains consistent with the new responses. Previously, 80% of respondents stated that they went to the gym to improve their physique, mentality, and community, while the remaining 20% focused solely on physique enhancement. In the updated results, 63.6% of people mentioned improving physique, mentality, and community as their primary reasons, 27.3% solely aimed for physique improvement, and 9.1% focused on enhancing their mentality. It’s worth noting that all respondents reported positive changes in their moods after starting to go to the gym, which remains consistent. Regarding the gym’s ability to foster a strong community, most respondents answered positively, with a few expressing a level of uncertainty, which matches up with the previous responses. Lastly, all respondents agreed that they would recommend the gym to other teenagers, emphasizing that there were no downsides, showing similar answers to last time. It has been really neat seeing all the data collected towards the beginning of my project coming full circle. I can’t wait to see what my last week at the rec center holds.

See everybody next week!

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