Week 10: The Rec Center Chronicles – A Senior Project that Transformed Me Inside Out

Jun 05, 2023

Hey everyone! Good to see you again for the last and final time!

My time at the Red Hook Recreation Center has come to an end, and it’s hard to believe how quickly it flew by. It feels like just yesterday when I approached Mr. Alvin, asking him to be my on-site mentor for my senior project. As I bid farewell this week, I made sure to gather all the necessary information to complete my project successfully. Reflecting on my journey here, it’s clear that my time at the rec center has brought about significant positive changes, not only physically but also emotionally and socially. I entered this project as a somewhat skinny and timid individual, but I am leaving with a stronger physique, increased confidence, and a circle of new friends. I cannot express enough gratitude to Mr. Alvin and the rest of the rec center staff, whose support has been instrumental in my project. Their assistance allowed me to connect with a diverse group of people who willingly participated in my experiment. This entire experience has been transformative, and I am committed to continuing my visits to the rec center, advocating for healthy habits.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in every single week to view my posts, even if I was a few days behind! I appreciate the support more than you think!

Until the next one Michael A Bollo signing out…

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