Week 10

Jun 05, 2023

Welcome to week 10!!


For the majority of this week, I worked on drafting and formatting the senior project deliverable – my research paper. Within the paper, I will explain the background behind my research, as well as the methods I have used within my experiment and the results I have found over the past 10 weeks. So far it has been very interesting to start discussing my results and the potential implications of using neurohacking within medical settings. I have also begun preparing for my project presentation which will take place on June 15th. 


Additionally, I have decided to format my graphs in simpler ways. I plan to focus on comparing averages of both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in each category of my data to find any statistically significant difference between the measurements before and after my experiment. I will do this by calculating the standard deviation and using the chi-squared hypothesis test (which will show me whether or not there is statistical significance).


Next week, I will continue to work on both my research paper and final presentation as well as make sure all of my data is accurately graphed and represented so I can include it within my presentation. 


Thank you for reading!

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