Week 8

May 19, 2023

Hello and welcome to week 8!


This week I finished my experiment! 


In total I have 31 participants: the overwhelming majority of my participants are above 70, half are female, and all of them have some form of hypertension – including white coat hypertension. I have also managed to have around 50% of the blood pressures be taken by a female medical professional, and the rest by a male medical professional, and I will use this data to further explore medical gender bias as I begin to study my experiment results. 


In the next few weeks I will focus on organizing my data and exploring its statistical significance, organizing my data into graphs, and comparing my data to other published studies. By doing so I can determine the effectiveness of neurohacking on white coat hypertension. I will also spend time working on my research paper. Within my paper, I will include and explain the results of my experiment, how effective my study has been, whether I think neurohacking could/should become commonplace in medical practices, as well as reference the opinions of medical professionals – through medical journals and by interviewing practicing cardiologists. I will also address the impact of gender and the difficulties I had within my experiment. 


See you next week!

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