Week 6

May 08, 2023

Hi everyone! Hope all of you are well. This past week for me has just been gathering all of the responses I’ve gotten on my recent survey, which I linked in my last blog post if anybody wants to check that out. I’ve been organizing the responses I’ve gotten and putting them into categories and ranking them by their awareness of environmental issues and practices. In regard to my on-site, this past week’s topic was “Sustainable landscape”, this involved a tour of Brooklyn Bridge Park accompanied by members from the architecture firm that designed and renovated the park who basically explained all the sustainable features and solutions that went into the pars renovations to limit things such as noise pollution or water runoff and things of that nature. In these next few weeks, I’m gonna be shifted my focus onto my sources and really look into the benefits fo environmental education on teens. If you have any questions feel free to comment.

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