Week 6

May 05, 2023

Welcome back! 


It’s already week 6! This week I focused mainly on continuing my experiment by interviewing more people and collecting more data. I have continued to ask my experimental questions verbally instead of through a written response sheet, and I am still considering the impact of gender bias within my study. As the study is progressing, I am beginning to see preliminary results within my data. After the reflection process, there has been a slight overall decrease in blood pressure across my participants. I will keep monitoring my results as my experiment resumes next week. 


Also this week, I looked into current methods of dealing with white coat hypertension (WCH). Mainly, doctors suggest overall lifestyle changes to combat the high blood pressure patients face in medical offices. Introducing more exercise, lessening the sodium consumed, losing weight, and quitting smoking are common examples of changes patients may be asked to make (Cleveland  Clinic). Doctors also recommend that patients use a blood pressure monitor regularly at home and log their pressure each time they take it. While each of these changes is helpful to combat WCH in the long run, I hope that my experiment will help figure out an instantaneous way to keep WCH under control. 


Next week I will begin to wrap up my experiment and start to extrapolate results from the collected data.

See you then!


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  1. Shamei L. says:

    Hi Isabella! I was wondering, how would logging blood pressure help combat WCH?

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