Week 2/3: Transforming my Fitness Journey with Mr. Alvin

Apr 19, 2023

Hello, everyone. I hope you are doing well! 

Over the past two weeks, I have been working on formulating my workout routine with the help of my on-site mentor, Mr. Alvin. As a fitness coach with years of experience, he has been instrumental in guiding me on this journey toward physical, mental, and social development. One of the first things we decided was to go to the gym Monday through Friday and dedicate each day to a specific muscle group. This method allows me to focus on different areas of my body and not get overwhelmed by training the same muscle group more than once a week, and see how my routine affects my overall development. In addition to this, Mr. Alvin has been showing me what exercises to do, how many sets and reps to perform, and the appropriate weight to use for each exercise. To maximize my muscle development, Mr. Alvin also recommended that I focus on my diet. As someone who has not previously tracked my calorie intake, he suggested that I start by eating more in general and later down the line get more specific in terms of the number of calories I am consuming. However, he advised me to stay away from highly processed foods and those with lots of sugars and artificial ingredients as they can cause inflammation and usually lack sufficient macros. For anyone looking to learn more about how their diet affects muscle development, I found this informative article that goes into depth on the subject. In addition to a proper diet, Mr. Alvin stressed the importance of sleep for muscle recovery. He recommended that I aim to sleep for at least six to seven hours every night. I am fortunate to have Mr. Alvin as both my on-site mentor and fitness coach. He has many clients of all ages whom he helps transform, and I am grateful to be able to learn from him. In addition to training me, he has allowed me to participate in some of his coaching sessions where I have been assisting and learning from him in any way I can. These past two weeks have been an eventful journey toward my physical, mental, and social development. With the help of my mentor, Mr. Alvin, I have been able to formulate a workout routine that targets different muscle groups and maximizes my muscle development. I have also learned about the importance of diet and sleep for muscle recovery and overall health. I am excited to continue on this journey and see the positive results of my hard work and dedication.

Thank you all for the interest and support I have had throughout my project! I will be sure to keep you all updated through the weekly blogs! 

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