Week 2/3

Apr 16, 2023

Hi everyone! Hope all of you are doing well. In these past 2 weeks, I’ve been in contact with Haley Mclanahan, the Head of Education at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy about finalizing a more concrete schedule, where I would go in 3 days a week working with an environmental education program called TIDES (Teens Interested and Dedicated to Environmental Stewardship) at their educational center in Dumbo. 

In regard to my research, I’ve been making steady progress on the majority of my sources, looking into the benefits of environmental education and whether there are positive outcomes from it, and if it should be implemented into school curriculums. I’ve also been working on surveys I intend to collect from the TIDES participants in hopes of tracking their knowledge as they progress through the TIDES program.

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  1. Michael Antonio B. says:

    It sounds interesting, I’m looking forward to hearing what happens during your TIDES placement! Can’t wait to hear what comes next!

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