Week 2

Apr 07, 2023

Hello and welcome back to my blog! 

This week I began going to my on-site location to survey patients and gain data for my experiment. I have edited my survey since last week to make sure that it is readable, especially because English is a second language for many of the patients I will be surveying and the majority of patients will be older than 50. At Manhattan Integrative Cardiovascular, I distributed surveys as well as observed the treatment of patients – especially those who had indicated on my survey that they had white coat hypertension (WCH). During my time in the office, I was able to collect around 5 possible participants for my experiment as well as data on how WCH is treated by medical professionals.

In preparation for my experiment, I have begun deciding on the calming music I will use. I have decided to use only classical or instrumental music, as listening to lyrics may make participants feel sad, happy, or other emotions that reduce calmness. Additionally, the music cannot be well-known, as many people have emotions and feelings connected to music, which may negate the calming effect. 

Next week, I will continue to survey patients, observe current medical practices,  and prepare for my experiment, as well as consult previously published studies on WCH and neurohacking to gain a deeper understanding of the disorder and how to approach it in my experimentation.

See you next week!

2 Replies to “Week 2”

  1. Shamei L. says:

    Hi Isabella!

    I love that you are using what you improving the music choice after the brain fair to get a more accurate emotion! Great job!

  2. Lyra Y. says:

    What you have done so far is super interesting! Is there anywhere that I could read the survey you are giving to patients? Also, taking into consideration music popularity was a good catch!

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