Week 1

Apr 07, 2023

Welcome back to my blog. My onsite placement was pushed back to week 2, so I decided to spend more time securing placements and preparing for the ones I’ve already secured. Since I will be shadowing upcoming hearings and visiting members of the City Council and the planning commission it oversees, my research this week surrounded the content of the current projects that are being discussed and worked on, as well as insight into what information my future interviewees would be able to give me. Additionally, I began creating relevant and effective questions for my upcoming meetings and interviews. In week 2, I will speak with City Planning Commission Chair Daniel Garodnick and shadow the agency for a day. In speaking with Garodnick, I hope to gain some more perspective on the actual process of land use policy being written and approved, including how the different groups within the department interact with one another and what role Garodnick plays in legislation. The notes and information I extract from this experience will be in my post for week 2.

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  1. Matthew R. says:

    I’m excited for your collaboration with such a high-profile individual in your field. I enjoy the legal angle that you’re taking in regards to this project, specifically regarding legislation and land policy approval. I’m invested in hearing about your knowledge of future ideas for architectural projects, and any patterns that they reveal about the direction in which urban design, on both a domestic and broader scale, is heading.

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