Week 1

Apr 03, 2023

Hi everyone! Hope all of you are doing well. This first week of my senior project has been exciting. I’ve been trying to create a concrete schedule for my research to progress in my findings before going and working on-site with participants in the TIDES program. For the majority of my time, I’ve been refining my methods of research whether that be interviews or surveys as well as finding relevant material on my subject to analyze.

In regard to my on-site placement, I’ve scheduled a meeting with Haley Mclanahan, the Head of Education at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy where we will be making a concrete schedule for me to go and assist with the educational process as well as collect the data I need to for this research project. I believe I will start working in person in the coming week so I look forward to updating the blog about my experience and my findings.

Thank you for you interest in my project!

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