Week 0: Where It All Begins

Apr 03, 2023

Hello everyone!

My name is Michael Antonio Bollo, and I have been at Basis Independent Brooklyn since 6th grade. Working with my project advisor, Mr. Fleming, and my on-site advisor, Coach Al, at the Red Hook Recreation Center, along with other teachers at Basis, my project will focus on how having a consistent workout routine for teens benefits them not only physically but also mentally and socially. Since the summer of 2022, I have been fascinated by the numerous transformations people, such as Will Tennyson, all around the internet were having all through going to the gym, specifically through weight lifting. Besides the obvious physical benefits, I was also curious about some of the other benefits. Several unexpected benefits can be gained from frequenting the gym, according to some recent research I conducted, and a majority of people with mild to moderate mood disorders, such as depression, who started exercising found an increase in their mood within a month. Additionally, the gym allows people to meet others with similar interests and motivations by surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals. In my project, I will conduct experiments and digital surveys to help me examine the results of my question more accurately. I think it is important to educate people, specifically teenagers, on the importance of going to the gym. Whether you want to look better, improve your mood, or find a sense of community the gym is the perfect place for young adults to better themselves.

This is a really exciting project for me, and I will keep you guys posted on the senior blog with updates along the way.

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  1. Alex D. says:

    This looks very interesting! Can’t wait to follow along with your project.

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