Final Post!

Jun 24, 2022

Hi Everyone and welcome to the final post of this blog!

I had a fantastic time during my internship and production of this mini-documentary. I learned an insane amount from hands-on experience from professionals whose careers I have always envied. I got to go up in helicopters, sit on rooftops, and take time-lapses of sunsets in my favorite city. I want to thank Mr. O for his help throughout this project, there is no teacher I would have rather worked with and I’m so grateful for his continued guidance and advice not only during this project but my last 4 years at BASIS. I would also like to thank Franklin Abreu, CTC Creative, Michael Yalamas, Troy House, and Jo Goldfarb for their contributions and efforts that were put into helping me succeed. I loved being able to present in person to an auditorium of people who cared about my work in this field and I hope to be able to continue my research in my future career.

My full Length Documentary can be found hereĀ 

Additionally, my full portfolio and projects can be found at www.dannydolan.com

I hope everyone has a lovely summer and if you ever want to chat about anything cameras, feel free to reach out.


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