Week 11: Wrapping Up On-Site Work and Starting the Senior Project Presentation

Jun 22, 2022

Welcome back to my blog!

I did a snow fluff and rubber slime experiment with my students. I worked with around 20-25 elementary and middle school students. They all had lots of fun!

The snow fluff experiments involved shaving cream, cornstarch, and food coloring. It was fun to combine the properties of shaving cream and cornstarch to create a snow-like substance. The kids had lots of fun playing with our homemade snow! I explained the nature of corn starch and why its mixture with shaving cream produced the snow-like substance. For the rubber slime experiment, we used a plastic glove, borax, school glue, and water to create a rubber glove slime. The materials were all mixed within the plastic glove and then tied up inside of it. The glove gave the slime texture and shape, and made it very fun to play with! We rehashed the properties of slime, and students diligently remembered what we had gone over a few weeks ago when making another slime experiment.

But, this week was bittersweet since it was my last program session. I had lots of fun being on-site and doing an experiment with my students, but I was also sad to leave after building strong bonds with the Remington kids. They have all been so loving and kind, and have learned a lot. I am proud of their growth and their growing interest in science and STEM.

During this program session, I gave Aaron my post-survey to administer to students. He gave it to them right before I am writing this blog, so my next post will discuss the senior project presentation and quantitative results. I look forward to reporting back soon!


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